• Welcome to Elementary Computers
      Web Conferencing
     I CAN... 
    Improve my Touch Typing
    • I DID ...Practice Good Digital Citizenship!
    • I DID ...Learn proper touch typinging technique
    • I DID... Learn how to research at MeL.org
    •  Improve touch typing through keying exercise (5th and 6th grades)
    •  Touch type without looking at my finger (3rd and 4th grades)
    •  Transfer images through copy and paste, move pictures and save files (2nd grade)
    •  Use starfall to navigate online and improve reading skills through phonics (K-1st)
    •  Use published ebooks and sources from Michigan Electronic Library  (2nd-6th)
    Online Collaboration with 
    Google Apps for Education: word from our principal and the permission form (see last page for signatures.)
    Moodle: an online classroom environment for students in St Joseph County ...6th graders are using Moodle as a tool to learn the components of online class instruction. Sixth grade students have enrolled in the class 21Things for Students, created as an educational and online resource to help students improve their technology proficiency as they prepare for success in the 21st century. 
    Google Classroom is also an online Learning Management System LMS. The 4th-6th grade will have a classroom presence online through their google school accounts. Project instructions and uploads can be viewed after students logs into their google account then https://classroom.google.com 
    Keeping up with Technology...
    Parents this is for you!!
    Name:  Mary Beth Brondyke
    Homeroom:  Room 18
    Email: mbrondyke@cpschools.org

    Hello! Mrs. Brondyke is my name and I teach computers at Centreville Elementary School
    Hello! I'm Mrs. Brondyke and I teach computers at Centreville Elementary.