The junior/senior high math department will be using a new grading scale this year.  Like many other grades and departments, we will be using the four point scale.  When assignments and assessments are graded, we will assign a score of 1-4 based on rubrics developed by our math curriculum Eureka Math.  However, we will convert those values to percentages and those percentages will be entered into powerschool.  The following gives the breakdown of weights given to each category along with the four point scale conversion to percentages. 
    Grade Distribution: Semester grades will be
    calculated using the following percentages.
    50% Module Assessments
    30% Topic Quizzes
    20% Problem sets, Khan Academy, and vocabulary activities
    Four-Point Scale: The following is the
    conversion that will be used from
    four-point scale to percentages.
    4 Points — 100.1%
    3 Points — 96%
    2.5 Points — 88%
    2 Points — 78%
    1.5 Points — 72%
    1 Points — 62%