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    The Centreville Public School district is located in St. Joseph County in southwest Michigan. Our school is a small district with approximately 1,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade.  Centreville Public Schools is a very special place for students as we have a long standing commitment to continuous improvement, through systematic collaboration. All teachers, support staff, and administrators share a common focus of improving students' learning.
    Our goal is to provide an excellent education in a safe and secure environment for all our students. We are committed to providing students with the opportunity to obtain a quality education and a variety of programs that all students deserve. Our core curriculum provides learning experiences that give students a solid foundation of skills, knowledge, and understanding that is necessary for continuous growth and development. Centreville Schools is proud of the community, parents, staff, and students that make our school district committed to and deserving of excellence.
    Centreville Public Schools is the place to receive an “Education of Excellence”.

    Our Our district recently received several outstanding accolades. In 2012, Centreville was the number one school for school of choice in southwest Michigan. The Class of 2013 was ranked number one in St. Joseph County in five of the six core subject areas of the ACT/MME. The Class of 2014 was 1st or 2nd in every subject area. The high school has also been named a "Rewards School" in the state of Michigan. This recognition means that Centreville High School ranks in the top 5% of Michigan high schools in the state's top to bottom ranking. It is also based on academic progress over the previous four years. These positive acknowledgements are further evidence of the dedication of our staff and their commitment in the pursuit of educational excellence.
    Our mission at Centreville Public Schools is to educate all students to succeed as productive citizens in a global community.
     Centreville Public Schools is:
    • A school with high standards and expectations where all students learn and achieve utilizing critical thinking skills. 
    • A school where students are physically, emotionally, and psychologically safe.
    • A school where learning is a shared responsibility between students, parents, staff and the community.
    • A school which prepares students for the changing social, technological, economic and cultural times.