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  • Grading

    Grading Procedures:

    Grades are determined by a standards-based point system. Points will be earned for tests, quizzes, homework, participation, group work, in-class assignments, etc.

    90% is Summative assessments (exams, tests, etc…)

    10% is Formative Assessments (homework, daily board work, journals, etc…)


    Overall, your quarter grades will reflect the following Standards-based grading scale based on Common Core standards and benchmarks

    Grading Scale

    4.0 You meet the more complex details of the standard and were able to go above and beyond.  

    3.5 In addition to 3.0 performance, partial success at 4.0

    3.0 You meet all required expectations of the standard and demonstrate proficiency and mastery of the standard.

    2.5 In addition to 2.0 performance, partial success at 3.0

    2.0 You meet the simpler details regarding the standard.

    1.5 In addition to 1.0 performance, partial success at 2.0

    1.0 With help, you meet the simpler details of the standard.

    0 Even with help, no success on the standard

    Grading scale in POWERSCHOOL

    As PowerSchool does not recognize a 4 or a 2.5, it is converted to a percentage scale as follows:

    4.0: 100.1

    3.5: 98

    3.0: 96

    2.5: 88

    2.0: 78

    1.5: 72

    1.0: 62

    0: 0

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  • Unit One

    • Writer's Notebook 
    • Novel study for Inside Out and Back Again
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