• Biology

    Biology is the study of life. This course is a general biology course. A variety of basic biological concepts will be explored:

    • Biochemistry
    • Cell Division and Chromosome Mutations
    • Cell Energy Processes
    • Cells: Structure and Function
    • Comparative Structure and Function of Living Things
    • DNA/RNA and Protein Synthesis
    • Homeostasis and Health
    • Matter and Energy in Ecosystems
    • Mendelian and Molecular Genetics
    • Population Ecology and Human Impacts on Ecosystems
    • Natural Selection & Evolution
    We will learn safe and effective laboratory  techniques to collect data. We will use a variety of methods to learn the material and show mastery.
    The course will be centered on the basic biological principles that all living things:
    • are made of cells
    • reproduce organisms of the same type
    • are capable of growth and development
    • make or use energy
    • contain DNA or RNA
    • interact with their environment



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