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    Would you like to know more about Preschool Programs at Centreville Elementary?
    1.  Go to the link below and fill out the preschool application on-line for Centreville Schools.  You must change the school district that you want to apply for before the application will be sent to Centreville for approval.
    2.  Someone will contact you regarding your eligibility for preschool.
    3.  An eligibility does not mean you  are automatically enrolled.
    4.  A teacher from Centreville or an ISD employee will contact you regarding the status of your application.
    5.  In august Centreville Schools will enroll those children who have an application on file and have submitted all of the documents necessary for approval for the program.  
    6.  The steps involved are simple and quick.
    7.  For ANY questions please do not hesitate to call us at Centreville, 269-467-5200 and ask for Becky, Sally, or Shelle. 
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