Report Card Information
    We have added a new addition to your child's report card this year.  As part of a school-wide initiative to implement Marzano's Standards Based Reporting, your child will receive a separate score for "Life Skills."  The academic portion of your child's report card now more accurately reflects his/her level of knowledge.  In years past your child's grade may have increased or decreased based upon such factors as handing in homework, participating in lessons, effort on assignments, and behavior in class.  Instead these areas are assessed separately on the nonacademic of "life skills" portion of your child's report card.  Click on the Life Skills below to obtain a copy of the 3rd/4th grade nonacademic standards portion of the report card.  Below you will also fine the nonacademic scales that will be used to score your child in the  areas of participation, work completion, behavior, and working in groups.
    Life Skills