• Junior math enrichment is to help students review math topics and help improve areas of need.  This is intended to help students achieve a better SAT score.  Students will take a practice SAT around October.  We will discuss test taking strategies and prepare for the SAT which will be taken in April.  Students need to be able to do math  questions with and without a calculator.
    Math enrichment will be utilizing khan academy SAT prep course to help students practice for the SAT in math topic areas that they struggle with.  Khan Academy is in partnership with the new SAT and College Board.  Because of this, Khan Academy SAT Prep course will be a great tool to help students fill gaps in math content.  For more math and testing resources, please vistit Mr. Hulin's Math Resource page, or click the following link which will take you to the math resource page: https://www.cpschools.org/Page/845
    Parents, you can join khan academy and be a coach to your student.  By doing this, you can monitor their progress and how much time they are putting into their math studies.  Simply go to www.khanacademy.org, create an account, login to your account, click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen, click on your students, click on coaches resources on the left of the screen and you should see a selection called for parents and mentors which will give more instructions for you, create a class, then have your student add your class code to their account.  You will then be able to monitor their progress. 
    During Enrichment Time: 
    Students will link their college board account with khan academy.  If this link can not be done, students will be taking four practice SAT quizzes.  Once either of these steps are done, khan academy SAT prep course will give students exercises that they should practice to help them fill their gaps in math topics.  Last year, students took the PSAT and those results, like the four practice quizzes, are linked to khan academy SAT prep course and then khan academy provides your student with personalized practice tasks on areas they need to improve on in order to achieve a higer test score.  During enrichment, I will be walking around class to help students individually.  Students can also watch videos on these topics to teach them these topics they are struggling with.   We will also do sample problems and some direct instruction.  Research shows that every 8 hours spent on khan SAT prep, average scores increase by 115 points. 
    You should be able to work at your own pace during enrichment to achieve your SAT math goals.  The more you are focused daily, the better your chances to reach your SAT goals.  You will be in the computer lab most of the time.  While on the computer, you are only to be on the website www.khanacademy.org or other websites I instruct you visit.  While on Khan Academy, you should be working to improve your math skills.  You should not be on other khan areas other than the SAT practice.  During the SAT practice, you will be doing exercises and watching instructional videos when needed.  Please use the hints to help with instruction and videos when necessary.  If you are on other sites, or other areas in khan academy, and not doing what is expected, you will be disciplined according to the computer usage agreement and the student handbook.