•  Will we fall (or jump) off the fiscal cliff?
     This unit will dig into both fiscal policy (taxes and spending) and the lawmaking process, as that is how fiscal policy is created - through legislation.
     Unit Vocabulary








    Lame Duck

     Unit Resources
    "The PR War for the Fiscal Cliff" and "Raise the Gas Tax" Articles PDF
    Lawcraft Instructions  
    LAWCRAFT Game on the Annenberg Website. 
    Short explanation of the fiscal cliff from the Washington Post. This is from pre-election, but the information part still applies. 
     How a Bill is Passed into Law
    How a Bill is passed into a law VIDEO from the Annenberg Institute 
    AP Government lesson on Bill Passage. 
    AP Government lesson on the veto power and Judicial Review 
    Interactive glossary for lawmaking 
     Structure of Congress
    AP Government lesson on the structure of the House of Representatives 
    AP Government lesson on the structure of the Senate 

    For each description, choose H for the House, S for the Senate, or B for Both