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    Exponents and Logarithms              Due March 13, 2017



    1.     Practice: Square Roots

    2.     Practice: Cube Roots

    3.     Practice: Roots of Decimals and Fractions

    4.     Practice: 4th and 5th Roots

    5.     Practice: Fractional Exponents

    6.     Practice: Simplify Square-roots (variables)

    7.     Practice: Evaluate Logarithms

    8.     Practice: Relationship Between Exponentials and Logarithms

    9.     Practice: Use the Properties of Logarithms

    Module 1 Topic A Topics: Add polynomials, Subtract polynomials, Add and subtract polynomials: two variables, Multiply monomials, Multiply monomials by polynomials, Multiply binomials intro, Multiply binomials with polynomials, and Multiply binomials.
    Module 1 Topic B Topics: Factor quadratics leading coefficient = 1, Factor polynomials:quadratic methods, Factor special products (basic), Factor differences of squares, Factor perfect squares. 
    Module 1 Topic C Topics: Add and subtract rational expressions: like denominators, Add and subtract rational expressions: unlike denominators, Add and subtract rational expressions: factored denominators, Practice: least common multiple, Practice: equations with one rational expression, and Practice: equations with two rational expressions. 
     Khan Academy Topics for Probability:  Simple Probability, Fundamental Counting Pronciple, Making Inferences From Random Samples, Experimental Probability, Comparing Probabilities, Making Predictions With Probability (video and questions), Probability of Rolling Dice, and Probabilities of Compound Events.
     The Khan Academy topics for Trigonometry are:  Video: Introduction to the trigonometric ratios, Find trigonometry ratios in right triangles, Solve for a side in a right triangle, Solve for an angle in a right triangle, Right triangle word problems.


    Answer the following questions about the parabola below, put your answers in an email and send it to me at kbraind@cpschools.org

    During the week of April 14th we will start our unit on probability with vocabulary and practice problems.  The following week we will continue the probability unit with trials and experiments using the information we previously learned.  The Khan Academy topics are as follows:   Probability 1, Independent Probability, Finding Probability, Constructing Probability Distributions and Dependent Probability.  They are due on Tuesday April 29th.  Late topics will not be accepted.  For more specific details see me or go to Power School.