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ROUTE UPDATE, December 4, 2023

We, in transportation, are happy to announce that we have been able to bring back the sixth route! Mr. Corey Ross will be driving bus 1 (the black bear magnet), so please welcome him if you see him. Some of the students from buses 2 and 6 have been taken from those routes and put onto bus 1 so that the routes are a little shorter and not nearly as crowded. PowerSchool will reflect who now rides bus 1 and who still rides buses 2 and 6.

Also, we have begun utilizing the new bus (bus #4) to replace bus 3. This will be changed in Powerschool as well. 

We also began utilizing the colored animal magnets that are assigned to each route. If a bus is out of commission and a driver needs to utilize a spare, the assigned route magnet should be affixed to the outside of the spare bus, next to the door. Please inform students to look for the magnet if they ever question whether they are on the correct bus. The assignments are as follows:

1. Black Bear

2. Purple Butterfly

4. Orange Cat

6. Green Frog

7. Blue Whale

8. Red Squirrel

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Amanda Shirey.

Code of Conduct

If you plan to use school-provided transportation for your student or athlete, please take a moment to review Centreville's 2023-2024 Centreville Transportation Code of Conduct (PDF).

Job Openings | Employment

We continue to seek qualified applicants in full-time, part-time, or substitute capacities. Please contact Amanda Shirey at or call 269-467-5230.

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Please contact Transportation Supervisor Amanda Shirey at or call 269-467-5230

Amanda Shirey

Amanda Shirey

Transportation Supervisor

Heith Flowers

Heith Flowers

Bus #6

Angie Harker

Angela Harker

Bus #4

John Klimek

Bus #7


Corey Ross

Bus #1


Nicole Whitcomb

Bus #2


Sungmin Yang

Bus #8