•      Welcome to my class
    Name: Nikki Coney   
    Homeroom: Room 1
    Phone: 269-467-5200
    Planning time: 12:13-1:05pm

     My Young Fives Kindergarten class is for Kindergarten age students who may have a late fall birthday or who are developmentally or socially not ready for Kindergarten.
    I teach the Kindergarten curriculum at a slower pace than a traditional Kindergarten class and go at the student's pace.
    For example, I teach one letter a week where as the traditional Kindergarten class teaches two letters a week. I only focus on numbers 1-20 where as in traditional Kindergarten students are expected to learn numbers 1-30.
    I do have my students reading and writing sentences by the end of the year and they know 30 basic sight words.
    I feel that the students who come from Young Fives go into Kindergarten with a strong foundation for their future learning experience here at Centreville Elementary.
    Nikki Coney
    Young Fives Kindergarten Teacher