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12 Days of Giving

12 days of giving 1
As we return to school today, we want to share a neat experience that happened just before winter break at Centreville elementary.  

Fourth grade teacher Ms. Stacy Messner had a conversation with her six-year old niece about how excited she was about her 12 days of giving at her school. As someone who loves to give, Messner thought this was a great idea and decided to pose a question to her class: "Would you be willing to give up the $5 gift exchange and use $5 towards giving to others?" Without hesitation, they said yes and she was beyond proud of them! They did not think of themselves first, rather others; a lesson you cannot teach through academics. Messner added "I am happy to be in a profession where I can teach life lessons." 

So for 12 days, students brought in assigned items to the day including socks, hats, gloves, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, drinks, food, games, and so much more. 
In the end, it was a huge success! Messner had first thought if they received a little each day they could give to a few families in need. She had no idea it would be so big and they could help many families instead of a few.  Messner knows the students felt good about giving and it made her heart happy knowing they helped so many families. They even had businesses donate beds to families, citizens in our county donated bedding and pillows, and two families were completely adopted through this 12 Days of Giving.
Students, staff, and community members can all appreciate a giving heart.  Today, we can appreciate the example set by the Centreville fourth graders.