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Winterfest 2017

tug of war

More Winterfest photos!

It was fun-filled week with all kinds of fun and spirited activities and competitions. Our theme this year was Vacation Destinations - freshmen headed north to the great state of Alaska, sophomores visited Mickey Mouse at Disney, juniors went over the sea to Hawaii and seniors climbed the mountains of Colorado. Both of our junior and senior high students participated in gym and door decorating and dress up days.

We also had a fun filled Friday of game assemblies, boys volleyball, and a pep assembly. Thanks to all who participated this week and here are the final results! First, for the spirit jug during our pep assembly: 4th place: freshmen, 3rd place: seniors, 2nd place: sophomores, 1st place: the juniors.

For our penny war, which raised over $350 for the Child Abuse and Neglect Council: 4th place: freshmen, 3rd place: seniors, 2nd place: juniors, 1st place: sophomores.

Final points for the week, and the winner of this week’s festivities: 4th place with 20 points: sophomores, 3rd place with 22 points: seniors, 2nd place with 24 points: freshmen, 1st place with 34 points: juniors!