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1995 Men's Basketball Team HOF Induction


old 1995 men's basketball pic

The 1994-95 men's basketball team touched the lives and hearts of our small community.  They brought people out of their houses on Tuesday and Friday nights and fostered community pride.  Fans enjoyed watching their fast-paced, team centered, playing style.  The Bulldogs accomplished many goals during the season:  

  • An undefeated regular season,
  • A WMSH Holiday tournament championship,
  • A 3rd consecutive SJV title,
  • A 2nd consecutive Regional title,
  • And a #1 ranking in class C throughout the season.

A few remarkable statistics from the season include:

  • Total points for the season - 2,207
  • The seniors ended their careers with a total of 4,915 points, combined.  
  • There were 7 games in regular season play in which the team scored in triple digits.
  • The senior class, when playing all together, only lost two games in their careers including junior high....and they never lost at home.

The team made it all the way to Quarterfinal play in 1995, where they suffered a heartbreaking loss to Olivet, 71-84.   

The team knew that no matter how and when the season ended, that ending would be difficult.  These young men made Centreville Basketball History, displaying play that was both fun and exciting to watch.  To quote Coach Craig Brueck, “It was big, it was great, and we will always remember it!”

Jeremy Bailey, Ben Burnett, Joe Davidson, Brian Ford, Joe Haskins, Scott Lammon, Glendon Miller, Jason Morris, Marty Murk, Steve Palmer, Matt Swanwick, Paul Swanwick, Matt Thornton, Mike Wahl, Joel Joa (team manager), Ryan Brueck (team manager), Assistant Coach Bob Lammon, Coach Craig Brueck.

present 1995 men's basketball team